Electrical Safety For Landlords: A Guide

Electrical Safety For Landlords: A Guide Electrical safety is crucial: for tenants, it helps safeguard them from accidents like shocks or fires – which can even be fatal. For landlords, failing to comply with electrical safety standards puts them at risk of remedial and possible legal action. However, electrical safety for landlords need not be […]

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What Does NICEIC Stand For?

What Does NICEIC Stand For? Almost every profession has its own set of abbreviations, acronyms and technical jargon, including the electrical sector – so if you’re not already familiar with the term you might be wondering: what does NICEIC stand for? NICEIC is shorthand for the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting – one […]

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Does My House Need Rewiring?

Whether it’s a new property or one that you’ve lived in for some time, the question of whether or not to rewire usually raises further questions about how long it will take, how much disruption it might cause – and how much it costs – but according to statistics from the Home Office, the cost […]

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The Dangers Of Outdated Wiring

It’s impossible to think of modern life without the benefit of electricity. As many of us are aware however, it can also be lethal if our home wiring is not up to the task or is degraded beyond repair. The issue is, the majority of homeowners will only consider questioning the condition of their cabling […]

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