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Are you looking for an electrician in Preston to do your house rewire?  We are specialists in house rewiring that pride ourselves in doing the job properly, designed with the future in mind.

Unlike the typical electrician in Preston, we do not do generic electrical jobs such as socket changing, electrical faults etc.  We only specialise in full house rewires.

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Car Charging – Home EV Charger Fitting

We are fully qualified to fit home car charging points now that the Government has targets to move away from fuel powered cars.  If required, we can factor a car charging port into your quote in order to keep your house future-proofed.

Tips On Choosing A Electrician in Preston For Your House Rewire

We are NICEIC approved – which is the equivalent of being Corgi or gas safety registered in the gas industry.  NICEIC approved contractors like us are assessed to the highest standards to keep everybody safe. It’s not only important to use a reputable electrician that also has good reviews online. Its also a legal requirement to use an NICEIC approved contractor for a house rewire. The job needs to be registered with local building control and certified by a registered company by law.

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Important Facts To Know About House Rewiring In A House In Preston

Your safety is our concern

It is a messy and dusty job, but we have the specialist equipment to minimise it,  and it’s better to get it done by a team, in a shorter amount of time.

Rewiring that takes 2-4 days

To give you an idea of timescales, we can complete the job in 2-4 days on an average 3 bed. As house rewiring is all we do, our experience helps us to get it done quicker than a single electrician working alone.

Personalisation – Your choice, your way

We recommend thinking about how many sockets and other accessories you will need in the home.  Thinking about the home layout is essential so that we can ensure that the wiring is designed and calculated to be able to handle the amount of electricity needed for now and the future.  Cheap house rewiring quotes rarely leave enough scope to cater for future additions.

We help support future green technologies

In 2023 they are phasing out gas into new build homes, the future is electricity.  We think it is essential to have the correct electrical design and equipment installed, to support future heating changes and to power future green technology. Electric cars are going to be the norm by 2030 as per Government target. Most basic house rewires being installed today, are not capable of supporting the extra demand that these car chargers and other technologies will require. It is therefore never been more important to make sure that you choose someone for your house rewiring that takes these changes into account, or you will end up with a costly further expense down the line.

Plan early to save money

The good news is, if you plan for the rewiring early – before you get the new house keys, or at the right time during your house renovation then this helps to keep the cost down.

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