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If you are searching for an electrician in Knutsford for a full house rewire then we can help.  We are well known for our excellent service which is reflected in our reviews.

Unlike a normal electrician in Knutsford, we don’t do normal electrician services such as fixing sockets and fault finding, we only do house rewires in Knutsford. We are focused on making houses futureproof so that they are geared up to be greener and affordable. 

So if you are looking for an electrician in Knutsford for a house rewire, then why not get in touch today. 

5 Stars on Google Reviews

Tips For Picking An Electrician in Knutsford For Your House Rewire

Finding a great electrician in Knutsford isn’t always easy, but we do recommend that you check online reviews for positive feedback.  Here at AGW we pride ourselves on good reviews – a review from a customer is the best person to shout about what you do.

Always find an electrician that is NICEIC approved.  This is essential to carry out a house rewire because it means that the person can carry out the work safely.  We are NICEIC approved and register a job with local building control for future accountability for the work. 

If you are looking for a trustworthy electrician in Knutsford to do your house rewire, then that is us.

Useful Bits To Know About Rewiring A House In Knutsford

Safety, safety, safety

There are many older homes in Knutsford which have wiring that dates back many decades.  They are rarely checked for safety purposes.  We specialise in full rewires and can give you a fair assessment of what needs to be done. 

It takes 2-4 days

We know that house rewires are disruptive so we complete an average three bed home in about 2-4 days without compromising on quality of work. 

Why not customise your house now?!

If you are thinking of doing a full house rewire then now is the time you can add additional sockets, move sockets, think about different lighting that you may like etc.  It’s a great opportunity to make your home feel even more like home! If you are buying a property and the property is empty, this is an even better time to think this through – and it makes your quote from us cheaper as the house is empty.

We futureproof you

Your house rewiring will need to be futureproofed due to electric cars becoming more of the norm and the phase out of natural gas.  The wiring in most homes does not accommodate the extra power required and therefore an upgrade will be necessary – so now is the time to do it. 

We care about you

As a decent company, we care about you and your home – this is reflected in our five star reviews.  So if you are looking for a trustworthy electrician in Knutsford then look no further.

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