Replace Your Fuse box

Fuse box Replacement

18th Edition RCBO Fuseboard Complete With Surge Protection

fr £499

18th Edition consumer units, complete with Surge Protection Device

Replace meter tails

Fully tested, commissioned and placed into service

10 year certificate

6 year NICEIC platinum promise backed warranty

The unit displayed is a Quality !8th edition amd 2 consumer unit, including A type RCBO’s and Surge Protection Device

Quote may vary if a particular kind of consumer unit is required

Consumer Unit Changes

The electrical wiring regulations BS7671 have recently changed so that every new consumer unit fitted has to be made from fire resistant material to improve safety. The new 18th edition consumer units (fuse boards) are easy to use and are much safer in protecting your family in the unlikely event of a fault occurring. We are experts in consumer unit changes.

In the UK many homes are still equipped with an old style fuse box, often with rewirable fuses and without something called RCD protection.

Residual Current Devices (RCD‘s) are switches that trip a circuit under dangerous conditions, and instantly disconnect the electricity.

At AGW Electrical Services, we would always highly recommend that you upgrade your existing fuse board by asking us to undertake a consumer unit change to the latest 18th edition RCBO protected fuse board. Complete with surge protection device.

This will ensure the safety of your family in the event of a fault, and also ensures that you comply with the very latest electrical wiring regulations. With a future proofed consumer unit

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We Do Things A Better Way

We take a different approach to changing your consumer unit.

STEP 1 – We carry out some pre checks and tests, get to know your system and find any electrical leaks or other surprises in advance. We can let you know, if their are going to be any further costs before, rather than finding out afterwards.

STEP 2 – Once we’re happy and your happy and any problems found have a solution we will proceed with the change over.

– We have the experience

– We have the latest, advanced test equipment

– Our way costs no more than any other contractor

Trusted Approved & Reviewed

We Are Safe


AGW Electrical Services follow the latest BS7671 regulations


All work Is fully certified (where applicable) and guaranteed


All work meets Part P legal requirements (where required)


We are approved by the largest electrical registration body – The NICEIC


We are a member of both the Domestic Installer and Approved Contractor schemes


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