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We are house rewiring specialists that cover the Urmston area.  Our company is well known for our excellent customer service and attention to detail which is reflected in our Google reviews.  

We are not normal electricians, we don’t do normal electrican services such as fixing sockets and finding faults, we only do house rewires in Urmston.  We futureproof our customers so that houses are greener and more affordable. 

If you are looking for an electrician in Urmston to do your house rewire, then why not use our handy calculator below to give you a rough idea of cost and get in touch with us today.

5 Stars on Google Reviews

How To Safely Choose An Electrician in Urmston For Your House Rewire

When selecting an electrician in Urmston for your house rewire we recommend checking out online reviews for positive feedback.  Here at AGW we have great reviews as we are dedicated to doing jobs right.

Always look for an electrician that is NICEIC approved.  An electrician must be NICEIC approved to carry out a house rewire as this large job needs to be done safely. We are approved and we also register each job we do with the local building authority so that we are fully accountable for the work that we do.

So if you are looking for a competant electrician in Urmston to do your house rewire, then why not contact us today.

Rewiring A House In Urmston – What You Need To Know

Safety is a must

There are plenty of older homes in Urmston which have not had a house rewire in a very long time.  These houses are rarely checked to ensure that the wiring is still safe. We can do this assessment for you and give you an honest assessment of what needs to be done. 

How long? About 2-4 Days

Full house rewires are disruptive, so we can complete an average three bed house in about 2-4 days. The quality of the work is high, and we try to keep the disruption to a minimum.

Now is the time to make custom choices!

A house rewire is a perfect time to think about moving sockets, thinking about new lighting you would like to have, different lighting layouts, have more lighting, less lighting….the world is your oyster!  If you are buying a property this is a great time to think this through and getting a house rewire at this time is cheaper if the house is empty.

Thinking of the future…

It is no secret that we are heading towards electric cars – and houses will need to have the extra power required to charge a car.  We can factor this in to your quote if you would like this facility in your home.

5 star reviews

We are genuine people running a genuine company – we are about you and your home which is why we have so many five star reviews.  So if you are looking for an electrician in Urmston to do your house rewire please look no further than us.  Contact us today and we will gladly have a no obligation chat with you. 

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