EV Charger Installation Manchester & Surrounding Area


EV Charger Installation Manchester & Surrounding Area

If you are looking at EV charger installation in Manchester we are qualified, approved installers that can install a car charging point on your property. No matter if you are looking for home or business solutions, we can help you with your car charger installation. 

There are many different EV charge point systems available. We can guide you in the direction of one that will meet your needs such as being able to charge the car at night in order to use the cheaper night time electric rate to help keep your bills down using a handy app on your phone to do that, or maybe you have other needs such as keeping within a certain budget.  In this new realm of technology, we are here to help you make the right choice for your EV charge point.

Different Types Of Car Chargers Available

There are a number of different electric car chargers to choose from.  Below are five industry leading chargers, however if you have another EV charge point brand in mind we are happy to install this also.


Hypervolt – Installed from £1170

This is one of the more popular car charging points due to its design and software that provides real time information on the charging process.  It has a mobile app where you can send a signal to the charger to charge at any time which means you can enjoy the benefits of cheaper night time electric rates to help keep your bills down. It has a ‘PEN’ device included so that if there is an electrical fault it will protect you and means you don’t have to install a copper rod on your property.

Myenergi – Zappi – Installed from £1175

This EV charger can be wired to both your electricity supply and also solar panels if you have them.  It has an inbuilt ‘PEN’ device which detects when there is a faulty earth which means you don’t have to install a copper rod at your property.  This also has a handy mobile app so that you can see how much energy your charger is using.  It also has a 5-digit pin code security feature which stops someone from stealing your electricity whilst you are asleep!

Pod Point – Installed from £1160

This electric car charger also has a mobile app that allows you to control the charger remotely. They are compatible with all plug-in vehicle brands and you can schedule a charge during cheaper electricty rate periods.

Project EV – Installed from £1070

Similar to the other chargers above, these are ultra fast car chargers that has a mobile app to let you control your charging remotely also.

Andersen A2 – Installed from £1700

This British made EV car charger hides the cable within the charging point when not in use. It has a brush system that cleans the cable when being wound up. Many choose this EV charging point because it looks great on the outside of the house.


Get your EV charger charger installation quote online now with our trusty calculator!  It will give you a rough quote and if you agree with the figure, then get in touch and we will get you the exact figure.

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What They All Have In Common

They all have ALM – automatic load management. This means that it intelligently manages the power consumption (reduces the AMPs) sent to your car when your house is already using more power providing electricity to other devices running in the house. This means you have logical power distribution throughout all the devices drawing on energy at any one time. This keeps your in house devices running with priority on power and when more power is available, it automatically sends more to the car to charge. You simply just plug in your car to the charger and it intelligently sorts the rest for you.

The UK Is Going Green – Why You Need an EV Home Charger Installation In Manchester

The Government has targets to ban new diesel and petrol cars in less than 10 years. This is to help reduce greenhouse gases to help with climate change. Having a car charging solution at home is therefore becoming very important to hit this deadline.

Why Choose Us For Your EV Home Charger Installation Manchester


We are NICEIC registered which means the work we carry out is safe and is also within regulations. This gives you peace of mind that our work is safe.


We install EV car chargers at a competitive price and all products come with a manufacturer warranty.


We are qualified EV car charger installers – we’ve done the courses, we’ve got the knowledge and experience in this particular field.

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