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This is one of the more popular car charging points due to its design and software that provides real time information on the charging process. It has a mobile app where you can send a signal to the charger to charge at any time which means you can enjoy the benefits of cheaper night time electric rates to help keep your bills down. It has a ‘PEN’ device included so that if there is an electrical fault it will protect you and means you don’t have to install a copper rod on your property.

Myenergi – Zappi

This EV charger can be wired to both your electricity supply and also solar panels if you have them. It has an inbuilt ‘PEN’ device which detects when there is a faulty earth which means you don’t have to install a copper rod at your property. This also has a handy mobile app so that you can see how much energy your charger is using. It also has a 5-digit pin code security feature which stops someone from stealing your electricity whilst you are asleep!

Pod Point

This electric car charger also has a mobile app that allows you to control the charger remotely. They are compatible with all plug-in vehicle brands and you can schedule a charge during cheaper electricity rate periods.

Project EV

Similar to the other chargers above, these are ultra fast car chargers that has a mobile app to let you control your charging remotely also.

Andersen A2

This British made EV car charger hides the cable within the charging point when not in use. It has a brush system that cleans the cable when being wound up. Many choose this EV charging point because it looks great on the outside of the house.

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