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Formerly an industrial town to the north of the River Mersey, Widnes is home to a number of beautiful listed buildings as well as the train station where Paul Simon began writing the classic song ‘Homeward Bound’ while sitting waiting for the milk train to London early in the morning. 

While beautiful older buildings are often well preserved on the outside, the internal wiring is hidden from view and has often been left untouched for many years. While this doesn’t automatically mean that there is an issue, it’s always worth getting a professional electrician from Widnes who can check for you. 

At AGW, we a house rewire specialists, and as a result we do not carry out individual smaller jobs such as socket changing and determining faults for customers. 

If you are worried that your home may have outdated wiring that could become a safety hazard, contact us today

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Car Charging – Home EV Charger Fitting

We are fully qualified to fit home car charging points now that the Government has targets to move away from fuel powered cars.  If required, we can factor a car charging port into your quote in order to keep your house future-proofed.

Tips On Choosing A Electrician in Widnes For Your House Rewire

One of the main reasons why hiring an electrician in Widnes can be a stressful experience is because its very difficult to know for sure that the company you hire can be trusted. 

We always advise potential customers to check online reviews and testimonials from past clients to gain a sense of the quality of service that they provide. We are always proud to display our reviews to help reassure potential clients and if you have any worries or queries, feel free to ask us anytime – we’re a friendly bunch. 

As electricians, AGW are 100% NICEIC approved, which allows us to perform difficult tasks such as a full house rewire (that less affiliated electricians are not allowed to do). Being approved by the NICEIC also means that we will register each job with the local building control and certified by a registered company by law for future accountability. 

So, if you’re looking for a trusted electrician in Widnes who will go above and beyond to make their customers happy, get in touch with AGW today.

Important Facts To Know About House Rewiring In A House In Widnes

We take the stress out of it

We understand the stress that a client feels when they learn they have to have their house rewired, but depending on who you choose for the job, it doesn’t have to be a stressful as you’d imagine.

Rewiring that takes 2-4 days

Unlike many electricians in Widnes, we work as a team to make sure that the job is completed as soon as possible without sacrificing quality – completing an average three bed home is just 2-4 days. This means less disruption to your daily lives, and a cheaper cost than many of our rivals. Even better, if you schedule us to carry out work before you move into your home or while you having a pre-planned renovation, then we can be even faster – saving you even more money.

We help support future green technologies

When a house needs rewiring, there are some electricians who will simply replace the circuitry with the same properties as that being replaced. Unfortunately, this does not make your wiring futureproof. At AGW, when we rewire a home, we will always upgrade the cabling throughout the property so that it is ready for the greener future the government have envisaged.  These future changes involve making sure that your mains electric has the ability to re-charge an electric car once new sales of petrol and diesel cars are banned in 2030, as most older circuitry would not be able to cope. Furthermore, as all new build homes from 2023 will be having natural gas phased out as a power source, it is likely that this trend will filter down into existing homes also.

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