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A historic town in the south west of Lancashire, St. Helens was a huge part of the industrial revolution, growing in size and becoming home to many of Britain’s most famous brands. 

Today, St. Helens is known for its beautiful old buildings, nature walks and theatres. Of course, with so many older buildings there are a growing number of residential properties that are using potentially dangerous outdated wiring. 

At AGW, we have successfully helped numerous clients across St. Helens with their home circuitry, ensuring that it is safe, up to standard and future proof. 

We do not perform individual smaller jobs such as socket changing and determining faults as we are true full rewire specialists.

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Car Charging – Home EV Charger Fitting

We are fully qualified to fit home car charging points now that the Government has targets to move away from fuel powered cars.  If required, we can factor a car charging port into your quote in order to keep your house future-proofed.

Tips On Choosing A Electrician in St. Helens For Your House Rewire

We know only too well how poor the standard of work by some within the industry can be, and therefore go out of our way to re-assure our customers. So if you’re looking for a skilled electrician in Chorley, take a look at our reviews and testimonials that we proudly display and get in touch. 

At AGW, we are also proud to state that we are NICEIC approved. In order to carry out full house rewires, a company must be NICEIC approved. We are fully approved and affiliated with the NICEIC, and will register each job with the local building control and certified by a registered company by law for future accountability.

We always provide good, honest, advice and will always give you the best quote possible. So why not get in touch today?

Important Facts To Know About House Rewiring In A House In St. Helens

Rewiring that takes 2-4 days

At AGW, we believe that minimising the disruption to our clients’ everyday lives is an important part of the job. That’s why we carry out all our work with a small, dedicated, friendly team who are able to finish rewiring an entire three bed house in a much shorter timescale than our competitors – often in as little as 2-4 days.

We help support future green technologies

We believe in making all our clients’ homes’ circuitry future proof, ensuring that every home receives modern, high-grade wiring that is suitable for a wider range of tasks. For example, by 2023, all new homes will be electrically powered and heated, with natural gas being phased out due to its affect on the environment. While this may not affect those living in older properties now, the legislation is likely to be extended to all homes within a certain amount of time. The new wiring we provide will be able to handle all the extra power required.

Car charging points

The quality of your home’s wiring is also important if you are considering buying an electric car. By 2030, the government is aiming to outlaw new petrol and diesel vehicles in favour of electric. The main benefit for those who purchase an electric car is undoubtedly the ability to charge your car up at home, and again, more modern wiring with a high specification is required to perform this function as opposed to the older circuitry found in many UK.

Faster and cheaper option

We’re always available if you have any questions you wish to ask, and are extremely flexible as to when we carry out our work. In fact, if you arrange us to carry out the work during a pre-planned renovation or even prior to you moving in, we can get everything done even faster, making it cheaper for you.

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