Is a house rewire messy and disruptive?

When an electrician rewires a house, it is generally considered one of the messiest and disruptive projects you as a  home owner can undertake. To be able to rewire a house it is necessary to create channels through the plaster into the walls and occasionally ceilings to allow the new wiring to be fed through into place for your new rewire installation. Choose the wrong contractor with a sub standard basic and general set of tools and equipment and things can start to become very unpleasant. It can create an incredible amount of dust and extensive disruption. Choose an electrician who works alone or with inexperienced staff and this can go on for a lengthy uncomfortable length of time with limited power available.

To rewire a house it is necessary to gain access to under your flooring. Depending on the construction of your home it is sometimes possible to run some of the wiring under the downstairs floors, but only if they are accessible. Most down stairs floors are built on solid concrete which means the wiring for both upstairs and downstairs would need to be installed under the upstairs floors and loft area.

Furniture, beds and wardrobes will need to be moved about and belongings packed away for a less dust free experience. Not to mention to allow us to complete our job with less obstruction.

As house rewire specialists we are equipped with the latest specialist wall channelling machinery, which not only makes lighter and quicker work of channeling or chasing your walls as it is commonly referred to within the industry. This equipment also makes for a cleaner,  tighter installation to help reduce the following plastering and other costs to bring your house back to being your home. 

We use the highest M class rated, best available within its class, dust extraction systems. This attaches to our wall channeling and other mess creating equipment to help minimise the dust and suck all the debris created away. This combined with experience and our refined tried and tested methods to help reduce the dust, discomfort, hassle and mess for our customers.

With great planning and communication we can help you to understand how you need to prepare for a quick, efficient and more comfortable house rewire experience.

Our extensive experience as a house rewire specialist team, makes all the difference when your home needs our rewiring service. Many homes Decor, flooring type and layout can make the rewiring process even more difficult. When considering which electrician to choose for your home rewiring, we feel it is important to understand exactly what is involved and how this will really affect your home life whilst the job is being undertaken. An electrician on his own can take up to 10 days to rewire an empty and unoccupied house. Many electricians will not even consider rewiring occupied and furnished properties. Our house rewires team take on average 2-4 days.

Our business was established specifically for this task. The team approach makes things cleaner. Quicker and far more comfortable. Minimising disruption and disturbance to the fabric of your precious home.

If your home needs rewiring, simply get in touch to arrange a survey. If you are moving home and a survey is difficult to arrange or maybe your wondering how much it would cost to rewire your home where you already live. Our convenient house rewire cost calculator is available here to estimate your cost.

Our service is unique, unrivalled, personal and fairly priced. We look forward to meeting you and helping you to rewire your home.

We rewire homes, serving our clients across the North West.


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