Finding a Good Electrician in Manchester? 7 Tips To Help You Choose

If you are based in the Manchester area and seeking help with electrical issues (whether at your home or place of work), finding a trained and registered electrician is essential.

A qualified electrician should be able to identify and resolve any electrical issues you might have. They should also then be able to successfully and safely resolve the problem so that your home or place of business is fit for purpose and safe to work or live in.

1.  Conduct your Research

Before you contact the nearest available electrician Manchester has to offer, it’s a good idea to first check their credentials online.

You can do this using the Competent Person Electrical Register. This is part of the UK Government’s Competent Person Scheme or CPS. The register includes a complete list of all full-scope Part P-registered electricians throughout England and Wales.

2.  Understand Why it Matters

There are a number of reasons why it’s important to source a fully trained and registered electrician. Trained electricians are insured so that in the event anything goes wrong, you will be covered.

In addition to this, making sure your electrician is properly qualified offers peace of mind: registered and approved electricians are regulated by the UK or Scottish Government (depending on where you are located) – and for some types of electrical work, it’s a legal requirement.

Electrical work carried out by a registered electrical engineer should also be assessed on a regular basis and completed in line with the BS7671 safety standard.

3.  Obtain At Least 3 Quotes

In the first instance, contact your prospective electrician by telephone to get a sense of what they are like (have your questions and any other relevant information ready when doing this). If the company seems personable, happy to answer all your questions and keen to help, then these are all good signs. 

You can then ask them for a written quotation. When seeking an electrician – Manchester based or elsewhere, depending on where you live – try to get at least three written quotations you can compare.

4.  Be Clear

Be clear about the work required, so that you can ensure everything will be covered by the quote. Ask for a written statement of work from prospective electricians – as this will help to speed up the process while giving you and your electrician a written record of work and expected fees. (this can also help to resolve any potential disputes, should they arise).

Other questions might involve how long the work will take, whether you will need to vacate the property and how many people are likely to be working there.

You will also need to find out what costs are involved. While it’s important to find someone who is affordable, you also want to ensure they do the job to a high standard. You also need to check to see there are no hidden costs – which can sometimes get lost in the small print.

5.  Check Their Credentials and Ask About Insurance

Asking for paperwork from tradespeople is a normal part of this process, so there is no need to feel uncomfortable about this. However: if the prospect you are asking from appears hesitant, this could be a warning sign.

Ask them whether they are registered with a government-approved scheme and accredited by organisations such as ECA, NICEIC or STROMA.

Request references and make sure that the electricians you are considering all have public liability insurance of (at minimum) £2 million. This offers cover in case a person is injured or their property damaged as a result of their work.

6.  Ask About Building Regulations

Before having any work carried out, you should check whether it is included in the requirements of Building Regulations in your area. If this is the case, you need to hire a registered electrician who can take care of this side of things by notifying your local authority prior to commencing work.

7.  Request References And Ask For Time to Consider

Ask for references from former customers – if possible, speak with them directly and ask them how they felt about the service provided. Once you have your quote, ask your prospective electrician for some time to consider as you compare and contrast your quotes. Do not feel pressured to make a decision immediately.

Finding the best electrician Manchester has to offer starts by carrying out research to gather at least three quotes from reputable and registered electricians in your nearby area, before asking each of them key questions and comparing quotes. This way you will have everything you need to make an informed decision while having peace of mind that the work will be carried out safely and to a high standard.

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