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Professional House Rewiring In Wythenshawe

The risks associated with faulty or damaged wiring cannot be underestimated. In some cases, old or damaged wiring can lead to health hazards such as electrical shocks or even fires – so if your house requires rewiring, it is important to call on a team of specialists who have extensive knowledge in this area.

If you are based in the Northwest and you own a house in need of rewiring, we’re the ones to call. Our team of specialist electricians are fully certified and trained in this area, so that you can be sure of top-quality work carried out to a high standard. House rewiring can be messy and potentially risky, so don’t do it yourself – call our team of specialists to get the job done for you.

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Need a House Rewire? We’re Here to Help

Attempting to rewire your own home is risky – yet so is choosing an electrician without the training and qualifications to make sure the job is completed properly and within strict safety regulations. This could even result in having to pay out for additional work to fix any mistakes.

We are an NICEIC approved electrical contractor, which means we take full accountability for our work, which is carried out in line with local building control regulations. NICEIC approval is legally required to ensure electricians complete work to the highest safety standards.

We’re specialists in house wiring – so if you are looking for a credible, dependable local electrician to take care of the job, then look no further. We always endeavour to offer a fair quote, and to carry out the work on schedule with minimal disruption to you.

House Rewiring In Wythenshawe – FAQ

Rewiring a House – What are the Risks?

Safety is an important aspect of any home – and when it comes to electrical safety, this is especially important. Old electrical systems can erode and become dangerous over time – and minor inconveniences such as small electrical shocks and flickering lights could turn into something far worse.
This is especially important in older buildings, where outdated electrical systems are not just inconvenient – they could even become hazardous. Getting your home checked for electrical safety is a legal requirement and should be done on a regular basis – and if your home needs rewiring, this is our specialty.

House Rewiring – How Long Does it Take?

The duration of work for a house rewire depends on a number of factors including the size of the property – for an average-sized three bedroom house, rewiring a house takes around 2-4 days, but we aim to get the job done in good time with minimal disruption.

Add additional sockets & more

If you are planning on a refurbishment or waiting to move into your property, now is the time to start thinking about where you would like to place your electrical sockets, lighting and other fixtures. While carrying out a rewiring we can even add additional electrical sockets for your convenience.

Planning for Greener Homes

As the UK Government plans to phase out fossil fuels in favour of more renewable resources, a house rewiring provides the perfect opportunity to bring your home up to date and make sure that it is prepared for forthcoming changes – like the planned switch to electrical vehicles. It’s never been more important to take care of our planet – and we can help: ask us today about how rewiring could help maximise energy efficiency in your home.

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