House Rewire Network

If we don't cover your area, let us put you in contact with vetted house rewire experts, Absolutely Free

About Our House Rewiring Network

If we don’t cover your area we still want to help out. We have a uk wide network of vetted house rewire experts that we know through years of working and collaborating with in this industry – we are more than happy to put you in touch with someone that we trust. Its absolutely FREE

Why do we do this? To push for higher quality and to try and keep the industry a safer place for customers.

Why do we recommend them?

Those recommended have been through many factors for us to consider them, here are a few of the main reasons:

NICEIC Accredited contractors

 We ensure that they are accredited to an official safety standards body

We know they are highly experienced

Our network not only recommends experienced house rewiring companies, but continually work together through our network to:

network together
problem solve
share new methods tools & ideas
help each other


We ensure that they are properly insured 

Let’s Start – When Do You Need It Doing?

Not Sure When

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In The Near Future

Fill out the form below and we will be back in touch with someone that we recommend.


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We're Live ⚡️ Ask Us Anything!
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