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Based in Hale and many other locations across the Northwest, AGW Electricals is the place to go for house rewiring. Rewiring is an intensive task requiring the support of trained professional contractors. Attempting to carry out tasks of this nature yourself not only puts you at risk of unnecessary additional work and expense – it is also likely to be unsafe.

With many years of training and a roster of satisfied customers, we have the experience and knowledge to ensure your property is fully rewired to the highest safety standards. Whether you have an older property in need of rewiring or a newer building that requires rewiring, our team of trained and certified electricians are ready to help.

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Your Reliable House Rewire Specialists in Hale

We understand that maintaining an excellent standard of work is not only key to a successful business – it also helps us build valuable relationships with our customers, ensuring that if they do not require further work themselves, they are likely to recommend us to someone who does. As part of this, we make sure to offer a fair price for any work we carry out, at a competitive rate.

We’re also approved by the NICEIC- the leading voluntary regulatory organisation for electrical contracting in the UK. As part of their approval process, contractors must undergo a thorough assessment process involving a full evaluation of work completed, equipment, documentation and key staff. This is followed by regular re-assessments to ensure compliance with NICEIC standards.

Hale House Rewiring – FAQ

Why Is it Important to Rewire a House?

If you are a homeowner it is recommended to test electrical installation every ten years (every five if you rent). This is to make sure the building is inline with Part P of Building regulations – failure to comply is a criminal offence. Not only this but old electrical wiring can potentially lead to serious accidents such as housefires.

Will there be any disruption? How long does it take?

A house rewiring takes on average between two and four days to complete.You are not obligated to vacate the premises during this period, we will do our best to work around you as best as we can. Our team takes care to clean up afterwards.

What About Additional Sockets?

In many older properties you may find plenty of character yet many inconveniently-placed plug sockets, or fewer than you might like. A house rewiring provides the perfect opportunity to map out the power points in your home for the greatest ease-of-use.

Old or faulty electrical sockets can be hazardous, leading to electrical fires or shocks – so if your property is due for a rewiring this is an important consideration. But to maximise the efficiency and safety of your home, a house rewiring is highly recommended.

Future-proofing Your Home

As the UK government pushes for more electrical vehicles on the road, we are making sure our customers are ready for the big switch. As part of our service, we are also contributing towards a greener future by offering electrical vehicle charging point installations as part of our rewiring services.

Local, Reliable Electrical Support

Ensuring that your home has safe, reliable electrical power is paramount, which is why it’s important to get an electrical contractor you can trust. With years of combined expertise, our NICEIC-certified contractors can get the job done properly. If you’re based in Hale, and your home is due for a rewiring, don’t hesitate: contact us today.

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