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How do I choose an electrician near me to rewire my home?

When you are looking to choose an electrician near me to rewire your home or for any other electrical work, there are many factors to consider other than just cost.


It’s really important to understand that local electricians usually specialise in different aspects of the electrical industry. From industrial to new builds, solar and much more. Smaller businesses ie self employed local electricians, usually doesn’t specialise.  in fact their work is usually far more general in nature.


So when you are seeking the services of an electrician near me for any aspect of electrical project. We recommend that you fully research and find a specialist for the specific electrical job you need.


The word specialist doesn’t mean expensive, it means you can expect a better choice of local electrician to carry out your house rewire. Usually quicker, has seen all the problems before, is highly experienced at carrying out rewires and more cost effective.


Far more importantly when electricians specialise in something like rewires, they are so much more knowledgable with changes in regulations that specifically affect and apply to them.


When an apprentice becomes a qualified electrician. The journey only begins, regulations change every year. Experience is gained with the kind of niche area you are employed in. Hopefully continuing to gain additional qualifications that are relevant to them.


You need as a minimum a registered electrician. There are many local electricians who are self taught, many builders and other tradesmen will carry out electrical work . Many electricians who were once fully qualified but did not keep up with their qualifications, still continue to work as electricians. There are also electricians who are fully up to date with qualifications, but are not registered.


You wouldn’t choose a plumber to install your new boiler. Everybody knows you need a gas safe engineer. What many don’t understand is that you need an electrician regulated by one of the regulatory bodies that govern the electrical industry, for example the NICEIC, to rewire your house

The NICEIC assess electricians annually, to ensure that the latest standards are being followed. Carry out a full office audit to ensure the correct insurances are present, qualifications are up to date, then continue to assess site work to carry out an inspection of multiple samples of work. And ensures that electrical testing equipment is calibrated

Only Registered electricians are legally allowed to carry out something as extensive as a house rewire. The job must be certified and registered with your local building control authority. Only a registered electrician can do this. In fact it’s necessary to use a registered electrician for smaller jobs. Fuse box changes, just one new circuit is required to be certified and registered. Any electrical around a bathroom or outside must legally be completed by an NICEIC registered electrician.


The only electrical work a novice, self regulated electrician, fully qualified electrician that is not registered can carry out are alterations ie add a socket.


Being a registered electrician is not just about being able to wire up a circuit, switches, lights and sockets. The in depth knowledge that a registered electrician has, ensures that the maths meets the design. A registered electrician can not only get things to work, but can make sure it stops should something go wrong.


If your looking for a house rewire, we would love to help. Regardless, we recommend you research and find a house rewire specialist, a better fit than a general electrician near me.

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