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Should you require a house rewire in Leigh, look no further, AGW Electrical Services have got you covered. We provide a range of electrical rewiring services to homes across the Leigh area, we are fully qualified electricians so we can identify problems and establish whether or not the rewiring is necessary. At AGW Electrical Services we offer a professional electrical service and can visit you at your home, we can help with all aspects of rewiring, as well as advise you on the best actions to take regarding your home rewiring. For more information on the home rewiring services that we provide in Leigh, call our team today. Having a wealth of experience in electrical wiring, we understand the safety aspects and requirements, it tends to be a common cause of house fires and can be very dangerous if left for a long time unnoticed.

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At AGW Electrical Services we understand how important it is for electrical safety in your home and know how essential it is to find out if your home needs rewiring in any way. Existing properties that were built over 50 years ago are likely to have fewer sockets than homes that are built nowadays, this can lead to extension leads be led all over the house, as well as increased risk in the chance of a fire occurring. Because of this, at AGW Electrical Services in Leigh, we recommend that all homes with a lack of sockets go through the process of rewiring. As well as an increased risk of a fire caused by overloading sockets, old wiring can become damaged or deteriorated over time if it’s made from outdated materials. Damaged wiring can also cause fires too, should a fire happen, the safety of your home and everyone in it will be in jeopardy, costing much more money than it would have done if you had come to AGW Electrical Services for your rewiring to start with.


Whether you are moving house to your new home. Or maybe you have lived in your property for a long time but need a full house rewire. Or maybe you are a landlord renovating your new investment. We have got you covered from start to finish


Rewires – Rewiring – How much does a rewire cost?

Everybody’s needs, requirements and expectations are different. We want to spend that time finding out what those needs are. If your’e looking to get your house rewired, we start by asking you you to complete our online house rewires calculator. With this we can fully understand your project. If your happy with this estimate, we arrange a survey to confirm everything for you and cross check everything. The time saved here is passed on to you. Its saving around 10% from the cost of your domestic rewire

House Rewiring in Leigh

Having a wealth of experience in rewires, we have built up an impressive client base across the Leigh area, we believe that this is down to our brilliant customer service and high level of care and standard with the electrical services that we provide. At AGW Electrical Services we have modernised, upgraded and grown not only our rewiring equipment and techniques but also our business. This is what ensures that we provide the best possible home rewiring services across Leigh. Having taken advantage of the experiences that we have gained over the last few years, we guarantee that we offer the best home rewires across Leigh and the surrounding areas. When it comes to electrical rewires we offer a professional and dedicated service, our team of electricians will ensure that all of your rewiring requirements are met to the highest standards.

For rewiring in Leigh, no job is too big or too small for the team at AGW Electrical Services, we will always make sure that we provide the best quality products and services for our customers. Whether you need LED lighting, a fuse box changing, new sockets adding or wiring to any part of your property, AGW Electrical are the team to call on. Having a range of skills and expertise, we provide a service like no other, all of our rewiring projects are treated equally and to the highest standards to ensure a fast, reliable and professional service in Leigh.


Electrical Home Rewires across Leigh

We specialise in providing a range of rewiring in Leigh and the surrounding areas, over the years we’ve provided a range of rewiring solutions to customers across the area. Our rewiring service will cover your current home electrical solutions and how they have been maintained over the years, old wiring isn’t only unsafe, it can be a potential fire hazard. As older wiring isn’t capable of handling the amount of electricity that new appliances in your home require. You can trust that when you choose AGW Electrical, all of our work is provided to the highest possible standards and will ensure your safety and that your home is secure.

Partial Rewire

Newly built properties or properties that have extensions built onto them may need to have a full rewiring carried out, they may just need a partial rewire. At AGW Electrical Services we provide partial electrical rewiring at your home in Leigh or the surrounding areas. Partial rewires include replacing particular parts of your properties electricals, this includes the original part of a property or only the upstairs or downstairs. Partial rewiring at your home will ensure that it meets the current regulations.

Full Electrical Rewiring

As well as partial rewires, we also offer full rewiring solutions across the Leigh area, our full home rewire service covers a visit out to your local property, we will then carry out an inspection, this is to ensure a full electrical rewire is needed. Whenever the AGW Electrical Services team needs a rewire, we will do our best to provide an efficient and hassle-free rewiring process.

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Home Rewires

Does My Home Need Rewiring?

There are a number of reasons why your home may need rewiring and it’s not difficult to find out if it does or not, if you live in a property where fuse boxes are constantly blowing out or sockets tend to overheat, its likely something is wrong with your electrical wiring, if sockets don’t work at all then this will also be the same case. Should you live in an old home and you know that the rewiring definitely hasn’t been changed for the last 50 years, we recommend that you get your house rewired, rather than waiting for a problem to reoccur.

Should you live in a home where some or most of the rooms only have one socket per room and you need to use extensions a lot through the house, then we recommend that you look into getting additional sockets added. Doing this can prevent sockets from overheating and in turn, they will reduce the chances of a fire. Rewiring takes a lot of work and isn’t a quick job. At AGW Electrical Services, we will need to evaluate every room of your home and pull together a plan, this will ensure that your house is a lot safer to live in. Some may consider rewiring to be an expensive job, but with the number of fires that happen every year due to old or faulty wires, it’s a job that shouldn’t be neglected. A good time to have rewiring done is when you move into a new home or when you’re refurbishing it.


Why Choose Us For Your House Rewire?

At AGW Electrical Services North West Limited, House rewiring is where we really shine. It is our core business. We are house rewiring specialists.

We quickly and efficiently install your system.

We can manage the project from start to finish and communicate with other tradesmen.

A patch plastering service can be provided ensuring that once the job is complete, theres no clean up necessary.


But most importantly, your saving money with our low prices!

Our streamlined process from quotation to completion is designed to be as efficient and cost effective as can be. We pass this saving back to you! We carry out nearly all of the work we quote for.. this speaks for itself.

Working to the latest BS7671 amendment 3 regulations. We carry out these jobs day in day out. Our hand picked teams, are highly experienced in wiring properties to the highest standard.  We are extremely good and proud of what we do, and our reputation speaks for itself.

Our qualified teams are fully equipped with specialist tools and the latest dust extraction machinery. From materials selection, to installation, commissioning, testing and finally energising for hand over to the client. Our unique installation method has been devised for safety, efficiency, quality, durability and future proofing.

We install your new cables in tubing, where possible, into your walls. If in the future, you wanted to alter or make additions, or if a cable is hit with a nail it will simply pull back through the tubing for easy replacement.

We use specialist wall chasing equipment, combined with the best dust extraction machinery available; for minimal mess and damage. making it far simpler and most importantly the most cost effective way to put your home back together once we have finished. Its also quick and efficient. Therefore getting through the job quicker for your satisfaction, so you are up and running and comfortable again within no time. And it can’t go without mention again Saving you money. You can see below in the pictures how easy it is to put your house back together once we’ve finished.

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